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Spent a wonderful National Pi Day with the beautiful @dusttrace ! We started off with lunch at Roli Roti at the Ferry Building Farmers Market! We both went for the gorgeous Porchetta Sandwich!! Delicious rotisserie Pork loin roll wrapped in pork belly (yes! You read correctly!) w/ onion marmalade, curly cress & rosemary sea salt on an Acme sweet Deli roll! Amazing!! The pork was so tender & tasty - but crispy skin as well!! What?!?! I also had the CaraCara Blood Orange Aqua Fresco! The only thing I completely spaced on was getting the potatoes!! Drat!! I was overwhelmed by all the porky goodness when I got to the front of the line! You know, kinda like when you get the chance to meet that really cute guy/girl and your mind goes blank? Yeah, kinda like that. But I got the sandwich, and that’s all that counts! (oh! Btw, @holagato @superlumberjack this is what I wanted you guys to have when you came! So we’ll have to go again!) I wish this sandwich was like Pi and never-ending! #porchettasandwich #caracarabloodorangeaquafresco #roliroti #foodtruck #farmersmarket #sfferrybuilding @ferrybldgsf #ferrybldgsf #ferrybuildingsf #ferrybuildingfarmersmarket #food #myedibleworld #heavenonearth #gorgeouspork #piday (at Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie)

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